Operation: Military Resources

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I have written this book to offer support to service members and their families and to help them easily access information and resources that are available.  During my position at Joint Force Headquarters and Operation Homefront assisting military families and speaking with friends that are military, I was surprised at the lack of knowledge about these resources among service members and senior leadership – even those who had been in the military for many years and deployed numerous times. I was also sick and tired of hearing.  “You must have a couple paychecks in the bank for an emergency situation!” as their only and best piece of advice. (In this economy…RIGHT!!)

I could not understand how military families did not know what was available for them, and I was surprised at the lack of attention senior leadership gave to this. How could service members not understand their G.I. Bill or spouse scholarships, or not know about grants to assist when something breaks or to help their children with tutoring and education?

I am hoping this book can be a better resource to military families than the advice to “have some money in savings.” (This is good advice, also!) There are so many organizations in our communities who offer help and assistance to the military!

I am sure in the creation of this book I have forgotten a resource or failed to list a full description or condition regarding one. This would be my mistake and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. I did try to list everything pertinent and I have personally verified each of the resources listed in this book.  And at time of writing this book these resources were being offered.  Feel free to contact me if you have a resource for military families that I can include in my referrals and in future editions of this book or on my website/facebook.

If you see the symbol “*” beside an organizations name, it indicates that I have both used the organization myself and can professionally recommend them, or I know someone who did. Usually I will make a comment about a group or resource I have used. Best wishes to all and thank you to all these organizations and volunteers who take time away from their own families to help make a military service member and their families’ life better.

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